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Charlotte Mint

Doug Winter’s Guide to Collecting Charlotte’s Golden Heritage

Dive into the fascinating world of Charlotte Gold Coins with Doug Winter’s comprehensive guide on The Charlotte Mint, established in 1838 amidst a gold rush, produced a range of gold coins until its closure in 1861. In this beginner’s guide, Winter explores the pros and cons of collecting Charlotte gold, shedding light on its

1861-D Gold Dollar

Coveted Treasures: Unveiling the Allure of Dahlonega Gold Dollars

Discover the allure of Dahlonega Gold Dollars in this comprehensive overview penned by Doug Winter for PCGS News and Articles. Exploring the intricacies of this sought-after collection, Winter highlights the challenges and rarities of these elusive coins. From the short-lived series to the remarkable rarity of certain dates, delve into the world of these collector-driven

1861-D Five Dollar

Dahlonega and Charlotte Half Eagles’ Appearance Rarity recently posted its content partner Douglas Winter’s “CAC and the Appearance Rarity of Dahlonega and Charlotte Half Eagles” article about a new standard that Winter calls “appearance rarity”—coins that are choice enough for their assigned grade to be accepted by Certified Acceptance Corporation. He analyzes for appearance rarity Dahlonega and Charlotte half eagles in

The Legend of Jake Howell

“The Legend of Jake Howell”

Recently published The Legend of Jake Howell by Ravenwood Publishing is written by retired dentist Charles A. Reap Jr. is a novel that fictionalizes the North Carolina gold rush. Here’s the publisher’s synopsis of the book: When he picked up that shiny stone from the small stream, nine-year-old Jake Howell would not have believed that

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