Historic, Second-Rarest Gold Dollar

Stack’s Bowers Galleries numismatist and cataloger, James McCartney, recently posted on the company’s website about the upcoming auction sale of the famed 1861 Dahlonega Gold Dollar. What makes this coin so interesting is that all 1861-D gold dollars were struck by the Confederacy. Despite a vacuum of knowledge and skills relevant to the minting process, […]

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Winter’s Duckor Collection Post-Sale Analysis

Professional numismatist and rare coin dealer Doug Winter recently posted his analysis of the Dr. Steven Duckor’s gold dollar collection that sold at the Heritage 2014 Platinum Night auction session, August 13, 2015, ANA U.S. Coins Auctions in Chicago, Illinois. The collection contained two of the finest know Charlotte and Dahlonega one-dollar gold coins. The […]

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Eliasberg 1849-D gold dollar acquisition

On Friday, April 23, 2010, after the Georgia Numismatic Association Coin Show was over for the day, over twenty members and guests of the Southern Gold Society met at the Dalton Depot Restaurant and Trackside Café for an evening of food, fellowship, and fun. The Society treated attendees to cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, with the rest […]

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Comments on New Orleans’ civil war coinage from the 1887 Annual Report of the Director of the Mint

The Annual Report of the Director of the Mint normally included details that year’s coin production. However, the 1887 Annual Report included, for the first time, a table showing the mintage by denomination and mint, for each year from 1792. The Report stated that “[t]his valuable table, which has been compiled with no little care and […]

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The Post-Civil War operations of the New Orleans Mint

The operations of the New Orleans Mint, unlike the other US Mints, clearly fall into two periods: the Antebellum Period (from 1838 to early 1861), when the New Orleans Mint operated in a thriving city that exported the products of the Mississippi River valley and, the Post-Civil War Period (from 1878 to 1909), when New Orleans […]

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The Southern gold coins of 1861

For the citizens of the United States, and as well for the collector of Southern Gold, 1861 was a pivotal year in our history. Of course, this was the year in which the decades of tension between the northern states and the southern states finally devolved into what is now known as the Civil War. For […]

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Antebellum gold deposits at the New Orleans Mint

Gold was first discovered in North Carolina in 1799, but it was five years before anyone made the arduous journey to deposit some at the Philadelphia Mint so that it could be turned into coins. A total of about $11,000 was deposited in 1804, but thereafter, deposits averaged only $2,500 annually until 1824, which marked […]

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