Numismatic Detective Agency Bechtler Kagin 15 Condition Census

The Numismatic Detective Agency chief investigator Ron Guth posted in the Agency’s blog about the Undated C. Bechtler $5 150 G., 20 C., Kagin 15 variety.

Undated C Bechtler $5 150 G 20 C
Undated C. Bechtler $5, Beaded Border, 150 Grains, 20 Carats, K-15, Rarity 7 Images courtesy of the Professional Coin Grading Service

Guth points out based on the Agency’s Condition Census of the Top Ten best Kagin 15’s there are very few mint state examples know.

Thus, an example in any grade would be a prized possession.

CLICK HERE to read Guth’s post.

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