Unveiling History: Exploring the Early Years of the New Orleans Mint (1837-1861)

Treatise New Orleans Mint cover
A treatise delving into the formative years of the New Orleans Mint from 1837 to 1861.

Join us in celebrating an invaluable addition to the Newman Numismatic Portal, a treatise delving into the formative years of the New Orleans Mint from 1837 to 1861. Authored by Richard G. Kelly and Nancy Y. Oliver, this work stands as a testament to meticulous research and dedication in uncovering the history embedded within the Mint’s early era.

This comprehensive 75-page treatise is a culmination of extensive efforts, drawing from the invaluable Mint Record Group 104 and contributions from distinguished numismatic researchers Robert Julian and Roger Burdette. Through painstaking examination of handwritten letters and archival records from the National Archives in Philadelphia and College Park, Maryland, the authors meticulously piece together a chronological narrative. Their work sheds light on the Mint’s construction, its workforce, and the coinage that emerged from this pivotal institution.

The journey to compile this historical treasure spanned two years, a testament to the dedication invested in deciphering intricate details from archival materials, some of which proved challenging to decipher. The authors supplemented gaps in information by leveraging contemporaneous newspapers and other Portal sources, offering a vivid portrayal of an era pivotal to the Mint’s narrative.

It’s worth noting that ongoing efforts continue to enrich this work, with a promise of future updates and revisions as more archival copies from previously scarce years become available. This commitment to accuracy and completeness underscores the authors’ dedication to preserving and sharing the rich history of the New Orleans Mint.

In a gesture of gratitude to those who tirelessly strive to make such invaluable information accessible to researchers, the authors have generously donated this work to the Newman Numismatic Portal, granting free access to all. It’s an invitation for enthusiasts, historians, and researchers alike to explore and appreciate the legacy and significance of the New Orleans Mint during this crucial period in American history.

This treatise encapsulates not just the history of a mint but also the dedication and passion of researchers committed to preserving our numismatic heritage. Dive into this remarkable journey through time, exploring the vibrant tapestry of the New Orleans Mint’s early years. Welcome to a wealth of knowledge awaiting discovery.

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