Famous Duke’s Creek Collection on Display at Chicago ANA

Visit the NGC booth (#1400) to view the finest collection of Dahlonega Mint Half Eagles ever assembled.

1838-D $5, graded NGC MS 63★, pedigreed to the Duke’s Creek Collection.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is proud to showcase the finest collection of Dahlonega Mint Half Eagles ever assembled. The Duke’s Creek Collection of Dahlonega Mint Half Eagles, which is entirely certified by NGC, will be on display at booth #1400 during the World’s Fair of Money in Chicago from Wednesday, August 14 through 2 p.m. on Friday, August 16.

The US Branch Mint at Dahlonega, Georgia, opened in 1838 during the Georgia Gold Rush. It struck gold coins in the one dollar, quarter eagle, three dollar and half eagle denominations) into 1861, when it was permanently closed due to the Civil War. Its “D” mintmark was later reassigned to Denver.

The complete set of Dahlonega Mint Half Eagles includes 27 coins from the 24 years the Dahlonega Mint operated, including important varieties in 1842, 1846 and 1848. All but the 1838 issue feature Christian Gobrecht’s renowned Liberty Head design.

Almost every coin in the Duke’s Creek Collection of Dahlonega Mint Half Eagles is either the finest-known, highest-graded or nearly highest-graded. Perhaps the greatest coin in the collection is the 1854-D $5 graded NGC MS 67‎★, the highest grade assigned to any gold coin from any of the three Southern Branch Mints (Dahlonega, Charlotte and New Orleans). Other highlights of the Duke’s Creek Collection include: 

  • 1838-D $5, graded NGC MS 63★ (Finest Graded)
  • 1841-D $5, graded NGC MS 65+ (Finest Known)
  • 1846-D/D $5, graded NGC MS 66 (Finest Known)
  • 1849-D $5, graded NGC MS 65 (Finest Known)
  • 1861-D $5, graded NGC MS 64 (Finest Graded)

“This incredible collection tells the story of the Dahlonega Mint and early United States history,” said Mark Salzberg, NGC Chairman. “These early Southern gold coins have a certain inimitable charm, which is all the more special when they are at the absolute pinnacle of preservation.”

The Duke’s Creek Collection was assembled by numismatists Jack Hancock and Bob Harwell over more than 25 years. It originally included every denomination struck at the Dahlonega Mint along with the private gold issues of Templeton Reid and the Bechtler family. All of the coins were later sold by Harwell and Jeff Garrett, but the extraordinary collection of Dahlonega Mint Half Eagles was kept intact. These coins were recently sold privately for more than $1.5 million in a sale brokered by Greg Rohan, president of Heritage Auctions.

To explore the Duke’s Creek Collection of Dahlonega Mint Half Eagles, visit the NGC Registry.

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