New 1843-C $2.50 Die Pairing

1843-C $2 1/2 Small Date, Crosslet 4, Variety 2

1843-C $2 1/2 Small Date, Crosslet 4 — Scratches, Cleaned — NGC Details. AU. Variety 2. (Photo: Heritage Auctions)

Jacob Lipson, Heritage Auctions, was cataloging an upcoming sale and discovered a new 1843-C $2.50, small date, die pairing.

The December Beverly Hills Signature Sale #1282 lot number 3697 description reads:

A new and remarkable discovery for the specialist. It has long been believed that a single die pair was used to strike 2,988 Small Date 1843-C quarter eagles. We now know two sets were used, this one showing the date slightly lower with the 4 between two dentils and a Large C mintmark. The reverse die quickly fell apart, as evidenced by the extensive die breaks around the legends. Apparently, both the obverse and reverse were set aside in favor of new dies. This piece has been cleaned and shows severe scratches at the upper right obverse and on the eagle’s left wing. However, this coin sheds new light on the production process for the 1843-C Small Date two and a half dollar gold piece, the rarest Charlotte Mint quarter eagle in the series.

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